51's Borins Semi Brogue Shoes, Dust Bags, Shoe Horns

Who are we?

51 Label is a Singapore-based footwear brand that is obsessed with making luxury effortless to attain for every one. 

Why did we start?

Luxurious quality footwear has been overpriced traditionally and we saw the opportunity to really disrupt the industry by producing luxurious quality shoes but priced without the luxury mark-ups. 

How do we do that?

Completely vertically integrated

We are completely vertically integrated with our shoe-makers who are based in Fermo, Italy. By establishing a direct relationship with our production line, we have been able to source for premium grade materials more efficiently at lower costs, produce designer lines at a more agile manner and over all engage directly with our consumers.  

Quality that matches luxury

With construction and materials that are sourced within Italy and France, we have been able to ensure that every piece of leather, cotton lace down to our thread are premium grade.

Our shoe-makers are artisans who have been in the shoe-making craft for more than 3 decades. Every step of the way in the shoe-making process has been refined and re-engineered to strike a beautiful balance between aesthetics and comfort. 

We're a company that ships worldwide at a flat-fee and ships within Singapore for free.

Try us out and help us expand on the vision of making luxury effortless to attain for everyone. 


- Jonathan Wong (Left) & Gary Ong (Right), Co-founders, 51 Label

Founders Shot in 51 Label Factory