51's Borins Semi Brogue Shoes, Dust Bags, Shoe Horns

Luxury is a concept that revolves around products of exclusivity, high quality and unbelievably high price-points. This very concept has been embraced by consumers for centuries now. However, we have to understand that products that are highly priced might not always be of high quality and just because some products are widely available, they might not be of inferior quality. 

At 51 Label, we believe in a concept called "Effortless Luxury". This concept is simply to deliver products of the highest quality possible everywhere with ease, for less. 

In order to achieve the above, it demanded a great deal from us. We had to consider multiple factors from materials used and construction employed to where we make our shoes and our main distribution channel.

We eventually decided that our products should embody these 5 qualities that make the 1 brand - 51 Label. 

  1. Beautifully designed, timeless essentials that never go out of style
  2. Top quality materials, from Italian baby calfskin leather upper to French waxed cotton laces
  3. Immediate comfort during wear, made possible with the flexible Blake stitching construction and soft calfskin leather
  4. Made with amazing craftsmanship. family of shoe-makers of over 3 decades of shoe-making experience (same factories that make for luxury brands)
  5. Priced with no luxury mark-ups, made possible by distributing online, skipping over the middlemen and offering value like no other.

We are two fashion entrepreneurs based in Singapore who are obsessed with the concept of Effortless Luxury, the very idea of delivering the best products everywhere with ease, for less. 

Our experience in fashion started close to half a decade ago when we founded a thriving sartorial tailoring business here in Singapore with a wide base of clientele and footprints in New York, Myanmar, Melbourne, Sydney and Bangkok. 

As we journey on to solidify the concept of Effortless Luxury, 51 Label was born. It is hands-down the luxury footwear brand that we had always wished existed and it is indeed a brand like no other. There's nothing in this world that we would like more than for you feel the same as well, and from the bottom of our hearts, we'd like to welcome you to the world of 51 Label. 

- Jonathan Wong (Left) & Gary Ong (Right), Co-founders, 51 Label

Founders Shot in 51 Label Factory