Luxury Shoes, Reimagined

51 Label is a Singapore-based shoe label that ships worldwide. Our "why" is simple, to make luxury shoes effortless to attain for everyone. 

By producing directly with our very own shoemakers and distributing directly to our clients, we can bring the best value to our clients directly. 

51 Label Halls Chelsea Boots in Mirror Reflection

No more luxury premiums, just enough to get the right quality

The problem that we have been trying to solve stems from the very fact that luxury footwear brands are pricing their shoes at a level that has been quite hard to understand to us. 

Yes, quality materials and durable construction made by skilled artisans with decades of experience are expensive, but the markups that come thereafter still don't really make sense to us. 

Crafted in Fermo, Italy

All of our shoes are crafted in the heart of the shoe-making region of Italy by skilled artisans who had spent decades crafting shoes for luxury brands that start with G, F and V. (Can't say their names but you could try guessing).

Each pair of shoes take roughly 51 hours to completion from the cutting of materials to lasting to stitching and quality checks. 


Blake Rapid Stitched for dress shoes, 360 Stitching for sneakers

We craft our dress shoes using the Blake rapid stitching technique which makes our shoes flexible enough to accommodate to the shape of our shoes and the way we walk. 

We craft our sneakers with the 360 stitching technique that reinforces the connection between the upper and bottom rubber sole. 

The outcome of this is simply that our shoes can be worn for a very long time. 

Blake Stitching for Dress Shoes and 360 Stitching for Sneakers

Italian Calfskin Leather and Suede

Responsibly sourced within Italy, we only use the best quality of Italian calfskin leather and suede there are within the leather industry. 

Our materials are mostly sourced within Europe, from our French waxed cotton laces to our Margom rubber soles for sneakers to our Double Monks' steel buckles. 

We only use the best kind of materials that traditionally were only used for luxury.

51 Label Leather Clicking on Italian Calfskin Leather

The Result

We have been able to disrupt the luxury footwear industry with footwear that is built for luxury but priced without the luxury markups. Shoes that are instantly comfortable out of the box with essential designs that are easy to match and pair. 

Experience luxury effortlessly today. Shop now. 

- Jonathan Wong (Left) & Gary Ong (Right), Co-founders, 51 Label

Founders Shot in 51 Label Factory