Sourcing for our materials and shoe-makers was one of the most adventurous things we have ever done in our lives. 

In our endeavour to deliver effortless luxury, we needed to ensure that our products are made by the best craftsmen with the best materials available. 

In our search, we travelled far and wide, and we eventually found ourselves in the province of Fermo, within the region of Marche, Italy. The Marche region of Italy is hands-down the epicentre of Italian shoe-making where many luxury brands manufacture their shoes in. 

All of our products are manufactured by a family of craftsmen with over 3 decades of experience. We only use the best materials available, from Italian baby calfskin leather to French waxed cotton laces. Furthermore, our products are also instantly wearable with comfort because of the flexible Blake-Rapid construction deployed which also allows all our shoes to be easily resoled. 

Above all, we always design with our wearers in mind, always striking the perfect blend between comfort and style and ensuring that our shoes are built to last.

Italian shoe-making is an iconic heritage which many luxury brands have embraced for centuries, we have dedicated ourselves to do the same but without the luxury mark-ups. Delivering the best Italian handcrafted shoes, for less.