Hello! Welcome to 51 Label Style Talk. In our exclusive series of Style Talk, we bring you menswear aficionados from around the world to share with us their take on menswear and specifically pairing outfits with quality footwear. 

Every feature in Style Talk has been crafted in the featured individual's tone of voice and own words. Completely authentic, completely original.

In this feature, we have Linus Norrbom (IG:@linus.norrbom) from Stockholm, Sweden. He's a menswear enthusiast from Stockholm. He shared in one of his milestone posts on Instagram that he only got into Instagram to find out what his oldest son was up to in his early escapades on Instagram.

Well, little did young Norrbom know that his dad was going to be one of the well-respected menswear aficionados in the scene right now. 

51 Label Style Talk - Linus Norrbom

1) Could you please give us a brief introduction of yourself? 

My name is Linus, and live in Stockholm, Sweden. I work in a non-menswear related field where I do not have a strict dress code to comply to. So the way I dress for work is just based on how I personally like to dress and how I would like to be perceived. I dress for myself, not for anyone else. Having said that, of course it is also about respecting others and certain settings. I started an Instagram account (@linus.norrbom) a few years back, where I typically post shots of my daily outfits for work and my thoughts on menswear and style. 

2) What is your style philosophy? 

I'd like to think of my style as fairly classical, but with a modern twist and much use of colours and textures. I'm usually not for dressing too formally, and I enjoy a casual touch - whether it is dressing down a suit with a turtleneck or pairing tailored denim shirt and knitted tie with a sports coat and flannel trousers. Natural or very soft jacket shoulders would be other casual element that I definitely enjoy.
In terms of shoes, I wear a good mix of shoe types; mostly oxfords, loafers (especially in the summer; hardly wear something else during that period), monks, and boots (keep in mind Sweden has cold weather conditions for a good part of the year).
I'd prefer to not put a label on my personal style, but I'd like to think that the expression casual elegance is somewhat fitting for my style.

3) What are your menswear pet-peeves?

Well, even though style is personal and everyone should have the right to express themselves as they want, there are things I have a harder time with.


One is the very "anxious" and self-aware mentality you can find in e.g. Stockholm, that usually cause people (probably out of insecurity) to make a huge effort to appear "hip" and unique. It might get them jumping on every new fashion trend that pops up.

"Skinny Fits"

Another one can be seen on Instagram, where there are still a lot of "influencers" running around in suits so tight and small they look like they have been body-painted. Just a bit sad and tiring to see, even if I don't care too much. I believe the world would be a better place if people would have the self-confidence and be allowed to just be themselves.

4) With our chocolate Borins semi-brogue oxfords, how would you pair them with 3 outfits of your choice?

Outfit #1: Double-Breasted Ensemble with Navy and Grey

51 Style Talk - Linus Norrbom in Dark Navy Double Breasted Jacket with Flannel Grey Trousers

A double-breasted version of a classic menswear uniform to give a solid professional appearance without drawing attention to the outfit: navy DB jacket, grey flannel trousers with decent size turn-ups. 

Beautiful but subtle accessories, glencheck tie by Vecchio Anseatico and Unicorn pocket square by H.N. White London. Navy socks with the brown shoes complete the professional look.

51 Style Talk - Linus Norrbom in Borins Semi Brogue Oxford Shoes in Chocolate paired with Flannel Grey Trousers

Outfit #2: Brown Herringbone Tweed Jacket with Taupe Flannel Trousers

51 Style Talk - Linus Norrbom in Brown Herringbone Tweed Jacket with Taupe Flannel Trousers

The brown shade works so well with olive green – a colour I really enjoy wearing and it is generally under-appreciated. I’m wearing my brown herringbone jacket in Dream Tweed by Loro Piana, and taupe VBC flannel trousers, both made to measure by Blugiallo.

Paired with an olive green merino polo knit and wool socks in the same colour. The canvas tote bag is just another proof of how well these colours work together.

51 Style Talk - Linus Norrbom in Borins Semi Brogue Oxford Shoes paired with Taupe Flannel Trousers

Outfit #3: Green Herringbone Tweed Jacket with Grey Trousers

51 Style Talk - Linus Norrbom in Olive Green Suit Jacket Paired with Medium Grey Wool-blend Trousers

Here, I’m wearing an exact copy of the brown herringbone Dream Tweed jacket, but in green. A patterned wool challis tie (H.N. White) and a beautiful pocket square (Rampley & Co) add to the elegance. 

Again, paired with grey trousers (Loro Piana Traveller fabric). I wanted to pick up the green of the jacket with the socks for a classic grey trousers, green socks, brown shoes pairing.

51 Style Talk - Linus Norrbom in Borins Semi Brogue Oxford Shoes in Chocolate paired with light grey wool blend trousers

5) Final thoughts about our Borins Semi Brogue Oxfords in Chocolate

A pair of mid-brown oxford shoes would probably be some of the most versatile shoes you could wear. It is really easy to pair them with a lot of different outfits and colours. I typically pair them with both greys and navy blue trousers, but also lighter warmer colours like taupe and cream, as well as green.