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In our exclusive series of 51 Label Style Talk, we bring you menswear aficionados from around the world to share with us their take on menswear and specifically on pairing outfits with their chosen footwear.

Every feature in Style Talk has been crafted in the featured individual's tone of voice and own words. Completely authentic, completely original.

In this feature, we have Oliver Farrimond (IG: @the_modern_dandy) from Canberra, Australia. He's a client turned friend, and he was also the first gentleman to have ever worn our Dejon penny loafers in dark brown suede. (Well, apart from the founders, of course)

Oliver is one to watch in terms of his style in menswear. From how he puts together his outfits, we could see that he is one who does not just take on the classics but rather he puts together this set of classics to come up with fresh looks. 

Let's get to it!

Introducing Oliver Farrimond from Canberra, Australia

Oliver Farrimond - The Modern Dandy for 51 Label Style Talk

Could you give a brief introduction of yourself?

I’m Oliver Farrimond a classic menswear enthusiast living in Canberra, Australia.

I was born in the United Kingdom and came to Australia 9 years ago. Ever since I was a child I loved dressing up, be in as a pirate or a gentleman in a suit.

I then discovered tailoring and classic menswear, over time, I started to experiment and learn more about my style. Like many of us, menswear has changed a lot over the years, but for now I have settled into a uniform of high-rise trousers, an oxford shirt or knitwear, loafers and a jacket with a soft construction.

This year I decided to start an Instagram page to show off my daily outfits and share my knowledge and ideas about menswear.

I dress for my own pleasure and I work in retail, so I can pretty much wear what I want on a daily basis. This has allowed me to try new things and have fun with my style.

What is your style philosophy?

As much as my style evolves I think my approach to dressing well stays the same, I want to look smart effortlessly and feel good about the items I wear, style is about conveying your personality though clothing.

I prefer fuller cuts in my garments, taking inspiration from my British roots, so I’d say my style is a combination of classic menswear ideas with a modern simplicity.

I also incorporate a lot of vintage items into my daily outfits. I think being sustainable in today’s world is non-negotiable, so wearing vintage is part of that.

I have a specific colour pallet that I like to stick to which are brown and blue tones and don’t often wear bold colours, unless done subtly.

As well as simplicity; I aim for an effortless and comfortable elegance in my outfits. I’m regularly researching about fabrics, fits and styles with quality fabrics and craftsmanship at the forefront of every item I purchase. Analysing my wardrobe, I seem to have a taste for garments made from British fabrics with Italian details.

What are some of your menswear pet-peeves?

Clunky accessories and anything skinny!

Also, trousers that are not hemmed and suits that are too long, tight or short, clothing needs to be proportioned to your body.

Outfit inspirations with Dejon Men's Dark Brown Suede Penny Loafers

Outfit #1: The Classics

This outfit consists of all the essential items a man needs. A navy sport coat, this one made in a blue flannel by Pini Parma. Grey flannel trousers, a white oxford cloth button down shirt and loafers. All classic items that I wear all year round and compliment the loafers perfectly.






Outfit #2: Muted Colors

This outfit is a combination of my favourite items. A grey dogtooth pattern jacket, tan cotton trousers and a Paul Smith chambray shirt. As shown across these outfits a brown suede loafer is the perfect partner to every outfit and is a great first shoe as it can be worn year-round. For someone who doesn’t want to look to formal, the loafer is your best friend.






Outfit #3: Summer-Loving

Here in Australia it can get very hot so I try not to wear heavy items and keep things breezy. Probably my most worn ensemble recently consists of cream wool trousers made for me using Dugdale cloth, a green velvet blazer and simple t-shirt. I find pairing suede and velvet together gives off a soft, luxurious feel to this outfit.


Final thoughts on our Dejon Men's Dark Brown Suede Penny Loafers

When I receive a new item, I obsess over it and wear it with as many combinations as I can, that’s what I’ve been doing with these loafers.

They have worn in beautifully and I can honestly say that these are my most comfortable shoes now. When I first received them the leather was stiff, but that’s a sign of good quality, they then quickly broke in a moulded to my feet after a few days of wear.

The almond shape last fits my foot perfectly and has a Blake/Rapid stitched sole that is strong enough to be able to wear year-round. The suede is a bit rougher than others in my collection but they hold up to the same quality and attention to detail as shoes in a higher price point so I hope to have them for a very long time.