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In our exclusive series of 51 Label Style Talk, we bring you menswear aficionados from around the world to share with us their take on menswear and specifically on pairing outfits with their chosen footwear.

Every feature in Style Talk has been crafted in the featured individual's tone of voice and own words. Completely authentic, completely original.

In this feature, we have Steve Calder (IG: @stevecalder) from Melbourne, Australia. He's the co-owner of Melbourne-based menswear company Informale. This label, completely made in Melbourne, is all about quality casual clothes for the everyday man. Every piece in their collection is made for the modern man, seeking a stylish solution to a world growing more casual by the minute. 

We've found that Steve's approach to Informale is very much similar to 51 Label, in which we focus on making quality products that could last for a long time. Our products are supposed to age with our clients, in a sustainable way that is not harmful to the world we live in.

Let's get to it!

Introducing Steve Calder from Melbourne, Australia


Could you give a brief introduction of yourself?

Im Steve Calder, co-owner of Informale. I have been in menswear all my working life since I landed my first real job at a local clothing shop in the suburbs of Melbourne! I worked at about 6 different companies over the years, each job I had was better and more challenging than the last until I found myself ready to dive in to my own business in 2016. When that happened I had been working in Retail for 11 years.

What is your style philosophy?

I think my approach to style is similar to my approach to life. As much as possible I just want to keep things simple: Do the right thing by people, by myself and by the planet. 

When it comes to clothing, it means being understated, not showing off, not consuming/buying too much, making sure I invest in quality gear made in the right place, by the right people. So inevitably I wear fewer pieces and have to find a way to inject my own personality into those few things, mostly in the small details. I don't subscribe to a particular "style tribe," but I do take a few cues from Neapolitan Tailoring and the vintage menswear movement.

I prefer a certain relaxed fit. I always leave my shirt/polo cuffs unbuttoned. I like my trousers a certain length. Collars need to have a certain shape. I hate things that look too new, so whenever I buy something I have to immediately wear it a bunch of times to break it in. I wear plain white tees with almost everything. Thinking about it more, there's a certain freedom that comes from dressing simply and not aligning myself with a specific style tribe and I love that.

What are some of your menswear pet-peeves?

  • Poorly cut and made clothes and accessories
  • New gear that's so crisp and fresh it looks like it's straight outta the box
  • Heavily branded stuff
  • Over-accessorizing

Outfit inspirations with Tomlins Men's Suede Low Top Yogurt White Sneakers

I pretty much wear my own label Informale all the time so maybe thats the theme? Everything pictured, I wear on a regular basis so everydaymight be another way to describe the theme here.

Outfit #1: Denim shirt with olive safari shorts




Products worn:

Shirt - Vintage Levi’s Denim Shirt

Shorts - Informale Olive S011 Safari Shorts

Outfit #2: Navy seersucker casual over-shirt with white t-shirt, paired with linen drawstring trousers




Products worn:

Shirt - AARCH Navy Seersucker Oxford Cloth Buttoned Down Shirt

Tee - Informale White TS03 Vintage T-Shirt

Trousers - Informale Caramel T005 Irish Linen Drawstring Trousers

Shoes - 51 Label Tomlins Men's Suede Low Top Yogurt White Sneakers

Outfit #3: Beige utility vest with ink work overshirt, paired with navy cotton/linen shirt and chocolate fatigue pants 




Products worn:

Vest - Informale V090 Beige Utility Vest 

Overshirt - Informale WS50 Ink Work Shirt

Shirt - Uniqlo Navy Cotton/Linen Shirt

Trousers - Informale T107 Chocolate Fatigue Pants

Shoes - 51 Label Tomlins Men's Suede Low Top Yogurt White Sneakers

Final thoughts on our Tomlins Men's Suede Low Top Yogurt White Sneakers

These sneakers are truly the best made-in-Italy sneakers I've ever seen for the price. They are remarkably easy to pair with different outfits, so I decided to try them out with a few looks that I wear regularly. Unsurprisingly they worked a treat!

After wearing them for a couple of weeks, I can honestly say that:

  • The fit is generally true to size and after some breaking in (a sign of longevity) they are super comfortable
  • The construction is clean and solid
  • The rubber sole is dense and high quality, and importantly, no squelching while walking!
  • Quality of leather is not top-end but still very nice for the price point, same goes with the laces
  • Colour and style are spot on

In a nutshell, these sneakers easily beat out their competition in this price category, and even hold their own against many famous brands which are double the price.

Very impressed and can highly recommend to anyone else considering purchasing them.